Your guide towards

pain-free movement.


Movement Training.

As an athlete, I suffered through chronic pain for years. I began studying Kinesiology and physical therapy to “fix myself” but gained little to no progress. My body ached, I had to avoid all kinds of activities and I was losing sleep daily. Functional movement training empowered me to get my life back. Now I sleep through the night and have no more joint pain. My focus is to inform all my clients how to reprogram and strengthen their posture, breath and movement without compromising joint safety.


Group Session

Group sessions are an alternative to private training which provide the overall pain free workout experience for those less in need of recovery and more in need of burning calories. These workouts will challenge your strength, balance and agility without compromising any joint safety. Our goal is to build without breaking and have some fun in the process. Capacity will be limited to five persons per session. Resolve

Virtual Session

Most courses will be structured as a routine with a specific focus point on the human body such as Shoulders or Hips. A few courses will have a more broad criteria (lower body, upper body, full body) for those who have no severe joint issues and are simply looking to move more efficiently.

Private Sessions

Private sessions are the gold standard opportunity for learning to move pain free. Each package includes a video assessment of posture and movement, custom exercise programs (including video tutorials) and a full month of private lessons with Coach Jordan. The knowledge gained from just one session will be life-changing in the sense that you will never move the same again.



Orange County, California
I’m a movement coach and certified personal trainer with a specialty in pain solutions. My journey began a decade ago when the chronic joint pain I was experiencing had reached an all-time high. Desperate for answers, I decided to major in Kinesiology right out of high school. My hopes were to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy but those aspirations quickly shifted once I realized my own physical therapy was doing nothing for me. My pain levels continued to climb so I began to scour the internet for more non-conventional methodologies hoping to find answers. Seven years later I finally landed on GOATA Movement and have never looked back. I now live completely pain free without ever needing surgery or medication. Using the Global Movement Laws established within GOATA, I guide others towards reclaiming their birthright of movement without pain!